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Learning results from what the student does and thinks and only from what the student does and thinks. The teacher can advance learning only by influencing what the student does to learn.

Our goal is to motivate learners to expand their imagination, increase their knowledge, enhance their skills, and achieve their potential in their varied paths of life. We believe that learning is a lifelong process that can enrich our lives and empower us to pursue our passions and goals. We offer a variety of resources that cater to different levels and interests of learners, and we provide a supportive and engaging environment that fosters learning and growth.

Categories Overview

Sociology encompasses a wide range of sub-fields, each focusing on distinct aspects of social life and institutions. These sub-fields delve into various dimensions of society, exploring everything from social interactions to social institutions and their underlying mechanisms. The following are some of the key sub-fields that constitute the discipline of sociology.


Exploring and explaining the diverse aspects of social life that people encounter and experience in their everyday interactions and activities within different types of social groups and communities.


Each field of study has its own specific concepts that are essential for learning and advancing in that area. To gain a deeper and broader understanding of any discipline, one needs to master its vocabulary and concepts and apply them to various situations.

Social Sciences

By studying other allied social sciences, one can gain a more holistic and comprehensive understanding of sociology, as well as a more critical and comparative perspective on social issues. Important concepts and phenomena of other social sciences like Philosophy, History, Political Science, and more are also discussed here.


Scientific reasoning and discoveries are the core of any scientific study or discipline. They are fostered by the use of various research methods that help to collect, analyze, and interpret data. Research methods are the tools that enable scientists to test their hypotheses, answer their questions, and solve their problems


The discipline of sociology is enriched by the thought, philosophy, and theories of its intellectuals. They bring diversity, creativity, and depth to the study of society. They offer different perspectives, frameworks, and explanations for social phenomena. They inspire new questions, debates, and discoveries in sociology.


It also includes a wide range of other themes, topics, and issues related to human society. It covers different aspects of social life, such as culture, identity, power, inequality, deviance, social change, and more. It also incorporates various subfields that focus on specific domains or groups of society, such as gender, race, religion, education, health, media, and more.

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