We at PureSociology are group of independent researchers from various disciplines of social sciences. We publish articles, opinions and other educational resources about society and social processes and practices.


At the heart of our mission lies the pursuit of knowledge and understanding within the vast arena of social sciences. We are dedicated to exploring the different aspects of society, to understand social processes and practices that shape human experience. Our commitment is to publish insightful articles, thought-provoking opinions, and a wealth of educational resources that illuminate the complexities of societal dynamics. We strive to ignite intellectual growth, encourage scholarly discourse, and contribute meaningfully to the collective wisdom of academics, practitioners, and the curious minds who seek to comprehend the world around us.

Our Team of Authors Consist of:

  • Dr. Bachitter Singh
  • Dr. Ashwani Kumar
  • Dr. Vikas Bhandari
  • Arvind
  • Parth Raman
  • Sheetal Pouria
  • Disha Dahiya
  • Diya Sehgal
  • Anishka Sharma
  • Priyanka
  • Mandeep Sen

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