Top Sociology Courses/MOOCs on edX (2023)

Sociology Courses or broadly the field of Sociology is becoming more and more important in various fields as it offers critical insights into social behavior and societal issues. It helps us understand the complexities of our social environment and equips us with the tools to make a positive impact.

Now a days is the age of internet. The internet has changed the ways we use and operate a lot of activities especially education. It is introduced us to online education or e-learning. And the most famous way of e-learning is through MOOCs. Though there are a variety of MOOC providers but in this article, we will presents a curated list of the top Sociology courses available on edX for 2023. These courses, offered by prestigious universities and institutions worldwide, cover a wide range of topics from basic introductions to sociology, global sociology, poverty and inequality, gender and sexuality, to global politics, and more. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or simply someone interested in understanding society better, these courses offer valuable knowledge that can be applied in various aspects of life.

Following is the list of Top Sociology Courses on edX (2023)

S.No.Course TitleUniversity/InstitutionBrief Overview
 1Introduction to SociologyThe University of TexasThis course provides a broad overview of sociology and how it applies to everyday life.
 2Fundamentals of SociologyDoane UniversityThis course covers the basic concepts, theories, and principles of sociology.
 3Global SociologyWellesley CollegeIt explores sociological issues on a global scale, including social structures and change.
 4America’s Poverty and Inequality CourseStanford UniversityThis course by Stanford University examines the causes and effects of poverty and inequality in America.
 5Gender and Sexuality: Applications in SocietyUniversity of British ColumbiaThis course explores the role of gender and sexuality in society.
 6CitiesX: The Past, Present and Future of Urban LifeHarvard UniversityThis course examines urban life from historical, current, and future perspectives.
 7Global PoliticsFedericaXThis course provides an understanding of global politics and international relations.
 8Global Health Case Studies from a Biosocial PerspectiveHarvard UniversityThis course uses case studies to explore global health from a biosocial perspective.
 9Doing Gender and Why it MattersUniversity of Hong KongThis course explores the concept of gender, its implications, and its importance in society.
 10Contemporary China: The People’s Republic, Taiwan, and Hong KongHarvard UniversityThis course provides an in-depth look at contemporary issues in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.
 11Introduction to SociologyArizona State UniversityAnother introductory course to sociology that covers its fundamental concepts.
 12Global Social ChangeWellesley CollegeThis course examines social change from a global perspective.
 13Preventing and Responding to Sexual Harassment and ViolenceJesus College, CambridgeThis course provides strategies for preventing and responding to sexual harassment and violence.
 14Sustainable Tourism: Rethinking the futureWageningen University & ResearchThis course explores the concept of sustainable tourism for the future.
 15Crafting Realities: Work, Happiness, and MeaningIndian Institute of Management BangloreThis course explores the relationship between work, happiness, and meaning.
 16Reclaiming Broken Places: Introduction to Civic EcologyCornell UniversityThis course introduces the concept of civic ecology as a means to improve urban environments.
 17Global InequalityWellesley CollegeThis course examines global inequality from a sociological perspective.
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